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What is a Solicitors Property Centre?

In Scotland, property has traditionally been advertised and sold through solicitor firms rather than estate agents.

In order to reach a larger audience, many solicitors co-operate in advertising their properties for sale and to let by forming local 'Solicitors Property Centres'.

These may have one or more physical offices displaying property, produce their own newspapers and of course, have very strong web presences.

Why can't I find property in.....?

Although most of the solicitors property centres in Scotland are supplying their data to this site, not all are. The Aberdeen, Fife and Moray SPCs have their own websites which you should use to find most property in these areas.

How do I advertise my property on this website?

The SPC Scotland website only shows property for sale through member solicitor firms. If you engage a Scottish solicitor to sell your home for you, they are very likely to be members of an SPC, and your property will feature on the local SPC website as well as this one.

See our directory of member solicitors to find one near to you.

I've never heard of SPCs. Why shouldn't I just use a national estate agent?

Although the SPC system is well known within Scotland, if you are from outside the country you may well assume that searching on one of the well-known national websites will show you all the properties for sale in your area of interest.

However, a majority of the properties on SPC websites don't appear on these national ones as local solicitors have a loyalty to their local SPC. That’s what makes the SPCs and the combined network so important to any property search in Scotland.

I've noticed a property is wrongly located on the map.

The location of properties is not guaranteed - you should double check using the address and the details on the local SPC website before committing yourself to anything.

If you are the owner of an incorrectly located property, you should contact your selling solicitor to have it updated.

Can I advertise my business on your website?

We don’t currently provide advertising space on our website. If this is something that you would like to discuss further please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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