Guide to selling

Our top tips can help make selling a home in Scotland simple. We have just the right experts to help you every step of the way.

1. The Home Report

Your solicitor firm will be able to order the production of the Home Report for you. This is made up of three parts: The Property Questionnaire, which you complete, and a Single Survey and Energy Report which are completed by a qualified surveyor.

This document provides potential buyers with useful background information on the state of your home and an indication of valuation.

2. Speak with your solicitor estate agent

A solicitor estate agent is uniquely positioned in Scotland. They can handle your complete property transaction for you under one roof – from your very initial enquiry right through to the completion of the transaction. And this is all backed up by the peace of mind you get from a firm that is a member of the Law Society of Scotland and therefore having to work to a high code of conduct. 

3. Property marketing

Getting your property ready for the open market can be very exciting. Take time to de-personalise your home a little. You want to make it appear appealing to potential buyers, giving them the opportunity to imagine their own belongings in situ.

Make sure your home is well presented for the photographs being taken. These will help to entice viewers to come and see your property in real life so it is important to make it look as appealing as possible.

A fresh lick of paint and ensuring that the garden is weeded can make all the difference in drawing prospective buyers to your home.

4. The viewing process

Your solicitor may offer a viewing service, meaning that they will handle all the viewings for you. Alternatively, it is often the norm in Scotland for sellers to show off their own property. This doesn’t have to be a laborious task. Simply show each room of your home and perhaps provide a comment or two about what you love above it.

Allow viewers time to look around by themselves – allowing them not to feel rushed. This can help them to really get a feel for the property, and hopefully lead to them making an offer.

5. Handling the offer stage

All offers should be made to your solicitor estate agent. We’d never recommend you discussing offers directly with a prospective buyer. Your solicitor estate agent has the experience and knowledge to help secure you the best price possible.

When an offer, or offers, are received, your solicitor will discuss it with you and ensure that you understand the terms including the prospective date of entry. When you are happy, you can advise your solicitor to accept the offer on your behalf.

6. Completing the transaction

When you accept an offer, your solicitor will start to complete the legal exchange of letters to conclude the missives on your behalf. They will keep you up-to-date with progress and ensure that you know all the important information.

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