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05 April 2017

Properties in high demand

So far this year, the number of properties sold through HSPC has increased by 7% when compared with the same period last year. This is a really healthy start to 2017 for the property market in the HSPC region.

Trends across the Highlands

We are, however, seeing a decrease in the number of properties being brought to market. Over the last three months insertions were down 11% on the same period last year. This trend is reflected across the whole property market in the Highlands.

This high demand for properties combined with a shortage of properties for sale has created a seller’s market where selling prices increase. The average selling price achieved by HSPC member firms has increased to £ 187,101, compared with £168,364 during the same period last year.

Ideal time to sell

Sarah Woodcock, manager at HSPC said: “We are pleased to see an increase in the number of sales HSPC solicitor firms have made in 2017. It seems like an ideal time for sellers to bring their property market, as the decrease in the number of homes for sales means that there is more competition amongst buyers for good housing stock.”

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